Our current fundraisers

We are so grateful to all people who fund raise for us.  Without you and the people who donate, there would be no charity & would not be able to support those affected and bring more awareness of the condition.

Paul Amos – Tandem Skydive

£200 Target/£1,201 Raised so far
14th May 2017 We at Alpha-1 Awareness UK would like to say a big thank you to Paul Amos for the money that he has raised for us. As of...
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Cori Ruktanonchai – Stockholm Marathon

Nick and I are running the Stockholm Marathon in June. It’s going to be our first marathon and we need all the support we can get. Before you consider dismissing...
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Paul Seager – 45 Fell Walk

£2000 Target/£2,100 Raised so far
19th June 2018 Paul has done it! The plan was to do it within 48 hours and he has completed it in 47 hours and 35 minutes which is just...
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British 10K Run

£1000 Target/£1,906 Raised so far
9th July 2017 The first group set off at 09:30 Daniel finished at 10:21 Rachel finished at 10:24 Both Cori & Nick finished at 10:52  (they were in the 2nd...
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Sharon Simpson – 25k Trekfest

£500 Target/£1,121 Raised so far
2nd September 2017 The Peak District is home to stunning scenery and more than lives up to its reputation as one of Britain’s most inspiring National Parks. Both routes start...
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Matt is not just doing one run for us, he is entering himself into many races all around the country to help bring awareness to Alpha-1 and we solute him...
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James Balson – Amsterdam Half Marathon

£200 Target/£450 Raised so far
15th October 2017 James ran his first half marathon to support his brother: “Up until last year I had never even heard of A1AD, I am sure that not many...
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Katie Rigby – Kernow Destroyer

£500 Target/£1,115 Raised so far
28th October 2017 A group of 8 of us are taking part in the Kernow Destroyer – 6 miles and 50 plus obstacles at the end of October. Billed as...
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James Balson ~ Prague Half Marathon

£200 Target/£450 Raised so far
7th April 2018 James ran his 3rd half marathon for our charity. “I will be running the Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromso in Norway. Its my 2nd half marathon,...
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Louise Balson – Prague Half Marathon

£200 Target/£597 Raised so far
7th April 2018 “In just over 6 months I will be running the Prague Half Marathon with my biggest brother Jamie. It’s my first half marathon, and first time running...
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Stephanie Kimble – Milton Keynes Festival of Running 5K

£100 Target/£359 Raised so far
15th March 2018   Thank you so much to Stephanie for helping to support us. Stephanie raise £358.87 for our charity. My dad was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitripsyn Deficiency about...
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Gemma Vivian – The London Marathon

£100 Target/£206 Raised so far
22nd April 2018 There ain’t no rest for the wicked! As part of my training, a few weeks back I completed the Wrexham 20miler, along with my 2nd (killer) 20...
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Andrew Stringer – Richmind Marathon

£500 Target/£1,065 Raised so far
20th May 2018   I am running my second marathon and to make me run faster, longer and to concentrate on finishing I have decided to do it for a...
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Cai Bull – Headshave

£200 Target/£820 Raised so far
July 2018 Cai’s dad Byron has Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD) and was diagnosed 16 years ago. This is a type of rare lung and liver disease. Cai’s letter he...
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Niamh, Roisin & Sinead Gavin – British 10K Run

£1000 Target/£4,936 Raised so far
July 2018 I have two sets of twins, Caoimhe and Cara aged two and Aodhán and Saoirse aged 3 months. We recently found out that all four of my beautiful...
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Josie Kane – British 10K Run

£300 Target/£1,409 Raised so far
July 2018 I am doing the 10km in Westminster to show my support to my dear Friend Roisin and her sisters (Niamh and Sinead). I could have just donated money,...
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Jade Bay – British 10K Run

£100 Target/£300 Raised so far
July 2018 When I was 21 I was diagnosed as a carrier of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Alpha -1 is a genetic condition that not many people know about and can...
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Alistair Jagger – London to Paris of bike

£300 Target/£339 Raised so far
13th July 2018 Myself and my friend & colleague Chris will be cycling 250 miles from central London to Paris on Friday 13th July, arriving at the Eiffel Tower just...
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Alan & Emma Wooler – Trekfest

£600 Target/£947 Raised so far
1st September 2018 Alan & Emma Wooler with some friends took on the Trekfest challenge. Text from Alan & Emma Wooler Our son Tyler was diagnosed with Alpha-1 when he...
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John Gareth Trainor – Cycling the Pyrenees (all of them!)

£600 Target/£887 Raised so far
September 2018 My step sisters little boy has Alpha 1. I want to raise money to raise awareness, help affected families and support research to hopefully lead towards a cure....
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